The Abbey
Chess Set

Inspired by the characters in Downton Abbey, a popular, period, TV drama series.

Abbey Chess Sets Worcester

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The Perfect Gift

It's time to step away from the usual socks and ties.
Games consoles are fine but often mean we switch off to those around us and don’t communicate as we used to.  Order your Abbey Chess Set now and spend quality time together as a family.

The Perfect Gift

The Abbey Chess Set's unique pieces create a talking point and the competition during a chess game allows us to interact with all members of the family no matter what age they are.

BUY NOW £89.95

This is a superb Chess set produced from original hand sculpted pieces by a Worcester Artist & Sculptor, Specially commissioned by Abbey Chess Sets.

Abbey Chess Sets are committed to the highest quality of design and production. Each chess piece is hand cast in the finest resin and formulated with a high quality blend of stone powders, to give a luxury feel to each piece. Abbey Chess Sets have spent over two years in the development of the unique permanent staining process. Each chess character is stained individually, hand buffed and hand highlighted in our Worcestershire studio, to accentuate the superb sculpted details.

Each character has been carefully sculpted at 3” (7.6cm) high (approximate) to produce recognisable characters from this very successful series. Each character is an individual mini piece of art and will adorn any living space as an art display also tough and durable to play games of chess for many years.

This is a new registered design (patent office Reg No. 5000950) which has been inspired by the hit TV Series, Downtown Abbey creating 3 dimensional pieces of art depicting this popular period of English history.

This chess set has been featured in both the Worcester and Metro newspapers.

Inspired by the hit TV drama series, Downton Abbey.
See how many characters you can recognise?

These beautiful chess pieces have been individually sculptured by a local artist, hand crafted and finished to an extremely high standard and would look great on any display unit or coffee table. With the main characters standing around 3" (7.6cm) high they present quite an impressive gathering.

This set will create a major talking point for family and friends.

Each character is made of resin stone and crushed filler then coloured and polished using a unique Abbey Chess Sets process.
UK Sourced Materials & UK Manufactured
Complete set plus FREE UK delivery JUST £89.95


Our aim at Abbey Chess Sets is to manufacture and supply a quality product.
On receipt of your Abbey Chess Set we are confident that you will decide this is exactly what we have achieved. If you are not happy with your purchase in any way what-so-ever, please let us know within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or replacement set.

We are also aware that odd pieces can get lost or broken, therefore, we offer a replacement service. Just tell us the colour and character and a new piece will be in the post within hours for a set fee of just £8.00 including postage per individual unit.

Abbey Chess Sets hope you are pleased with your purchase and will tell your friends and family to check out our current and future products.

Our Featured Charities
A thank you for their care & dedication

Abbey Castings

Coventry University Hospital

Hospital donation (1)

*5% of your purchase price of £89.95
(complete Abbey Chess Set) is shared between two centres of medical excellence close to our hearts: Coventry University Hospital. Clifford Bridge Road, Coventry.

Abbey Castings

Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Hospital

Hospital donation (2)

*5% of your purchase price of £89.95
(complete Abbey Chess Set) is shared between two centres of medical excellence close to our hearts: Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital Oswestry, Shropshire.

Recent News

Our next project is already on the drawing board and hopefully in the next few months a new Father Brown inspired chess set will be coming off the production line.

All pieces offered on this website are hand sculpted by a local artist making them exclusive to Abbey Chess Sets.

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