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Abbey Chess sets
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The Beginning

Abbey Chess Sets is a new venture from Calvin Evans specialising in the manufacture of chess sets inspired by popular British, period TV drama series and famous events throughout British history.

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Images are produced from resin stone using a crushed filler.
All materials are UK sourced and UK Manufactured.

The Futrue

Abbey Chess Sets was formed after it's owner Calvin Evans designed a range of chess pieces 'The Abbey Chess Set' inspired by a popular British TV drama series Downton Abbey.

Following the success of this first venture Calvin is now in the process of designing and producing further TV character based chess sets.

Once completed they will also be available to purchase on this website.

Historical Characters

Calvin is also a big fan of British History and has started designing chess sets to commemorate various historical periods and events which have shaped our past both factual and legendary. Along with the TV character chess pieces these themed sets will also be available in the very near future, so please check back!
All items are UK Manufactured.

Abbey Castings

Recent News

Our next project is already on the drawing board and hopefully in the next few months a new Father Brown inspired chess set will be coming off the production line.

All pieces offered on this website are hand sculpted by a local artist making them exclusive to Abbey Chess Sets.

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